17 September 2010

Avery :: The Definition Of...

Here's another mix from the archives recorded February 1, 2001.  It was my first time encountering Gotan Project.  Tríptico was the first track off of a compilation I purchased on Compost Records named Glüklich IV.  Since then, I've been really impressed with the various releases and remixes by Gotan Project.  It was also the first time I purchased a track by Zero dB.  Click is a bouncy, jazzy, sort of warped, fun track.  It was one of those types of songs that I used to use to transition from one mood to another.  If I was playing deeper and decided I needed to get things more upbeat, Click was the track to do it.  The most fun I had making this mix was towards the end when I layered a track from the Bang The Drum EP with the Jacob's Ladder track and then played with bring each track in and out.  The mix ends with a track that really put my friends T-Kolai on the map: Exodus.  Taha and Nicolas were really starting to hit their groove back in 2000.  I really cherish those days when I used to spin along side them at Club Andalu in DC.  

The Definition Of... - February 2001

(download - 73:50 - 169mb 320kbps mp3)

1 / Gotan Project / Tríptico (promo version)
2 / Todd Edwards / Fly Away
3 / unknown / unknown
4 / Aquanote / Only
5 / unknown / unknown
6 / unknown / Satisfy
7 / Children of Planet Earth / You Are The Future
8 / Zero dB / Click
9 / Anastacia / Not That Kind (LT's Not That Dub Mix)
10 / unknown / Let's Go Back
11 / Titus / Don't Worry About Me
12 / Brothers' Vibe / Manos Libre
13 / Ingognito / Jacob's Ladder (MAW Remix)
14 / T-Kolai / Exodus

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