24 September 2010

Avery :: To Tell The Truth

This edition of the bonus mixes brings us To Tell The Truth.  I recorded it in October of 2000.  It's a house mix with some jazz flavors.  The good news is there are several nice tracks to be heard on the mix.  The bad news is that I am without several of the track titles.  If anyone wants to chime in on tracks they know, please leave a comment.  Of the tracks I remember, the Soldiers of Twilight track is always a favorite of mine.  Colette - Try Her For Her Love on Moody Recordings was very popular back in 2000/2001.  Many commercially released mixes included this track.  Towards the end of the mix, I switched up to some deeper vocal tracks with Miguel Migs, Aquanote (Gabriel René), and Atlantis (aka Ron Trent).  I swear, back in the early 2000s, Miguel Migs and Naked Music Recordings seemed to have a new release every week.  At the time, I was working at Yoshitoshi Records in Georgetown as one of their in store DJs every Friday.  Without fail, when I arrived each an every Friday, I'd have a new stack of music from the Migs and Naked Music.  Needless to say, tons of copies sold.

To Tell The Truth - October 2000

(download - 67:21 - 158mb 320kbps mp3)

1 / unknown / unknown
2 / Ten Bar / unknown
3 / unknown / Sunshine
4 / Soldiers of Twilight / Feeling So High (dub)
5 / Colette / Try Her For Love
6 / unknown / unknown
7 / unknown / unknown
8 / K Hand / Luv N U
9 / unknown / unknown
10 / Miguel Migs / Mi Destino
11 / Aquanote / True Love
12 / Atlantis / No More Excuses
13 / unknown / unknown
14 / unknown / unknown

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