14 September 2010

Avery :: Unconscious Therapy

Recorded June 20, 2000, this mix has a variety of house releases from that year.  Of the tracks selected, I particularly the opening "So Flute" track by St Germain.  It is the same flute that you hear playing in the movie Snatch.  One of my personal favorites and one that used to be a staple of my sets that year is "We Look For Love" by Tony Senghore & Martin Venetjoki on Panhandle Records.  I think many people slept on that Forward Movement Part 2 EP.  Phlash (aka Phil Asher) - "Participate" is quite amazing, too.  The first time I heard it out, I was blown away.  It just keeps building and building.  There's something about Marcus Begg's singing style as well that I love.  I only wish he sung on more tracks.  Finally, Todd Gardner's "Do You Know House?" became quite the anthem everywhere.  I think it's a great tune but I've always thought that there should have been a version without the guitar going wild towards the middle to end.  When I made this mix, it was one of the first times I became acquainted with the musical stylings of LHK.  He hails from Manchester, England but I swear whenever I would pick up his records, it felt like he was from Chicago.  He's a very talented yet underrated producer.  Definitely take a look at his work.

Unconscious Therapy

(download - 71:52 - 172.9mb mp3)

1 / St Germain / So Flute
2 / Afro Celt Sound System / Release
3 / Julius Papp / Astral Wave
4 / Los Chicharrons / In The Beginning
5 / DJ Dove / Come On
6 / Mood II Swing / Move Me Dub
7 / LHK Productions / Real Deal
8 / Tony Senghore & Martin Venetjoki / We Look For Love
9 / Phlash / Participate feat Marcus Begg
10 / Todd Gardner / Do You Know House?
11 / Ann Nesby / All We Need Is Love
12 / Pam Frazier / Thinkin'Bout Your Love
13 / Peter Phnix / Baby Tek
14 / Sabrynaah Pope / Good Luck
15 / Kings of Tomorrow / Breaker's Shuffle
16 / Louie Vega / Elements of Life

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