23 September 2010

Avery :: Winter Blues

This is a shorter mix I put together in December 2001.  There are a few tracks that were personal favorites at the time for me.  Love Letters by Alexander East simply jams!  I love the energy in the track that never seems to quit.  Back in 2001, LBS and I heard him play at Blue in Miami during the WMC and he did not disappoint.  And I Am by Greens Keepers and Stacy Kidd has a haunting touch to it that makes me move.  In case you didn't know, Stacy Kidd is the cousin to house legend Paul Johnson.  That's some serious talent in the family if I do say so myself.  Yet my all time favorite on this mix hands down has to be Smile by Jasper Street Company.  Even though this is on a local label, I didn't hear the dub version until I got a recording of Greg Norwood from Chicago (if you haven't heard of him, you owe it to yourself to check out his mixes).  There was a live mix he did back in 2001 that had that track and when I found myself in the endless head nod, I was on a mission to figure out what track it was.  Lo and behold, it was on a label from hometown heroes:  Basement Boys Records.  The mix wraps up with some lounge tracks.

Winter Blues - December 2001

(download - 64:25 - 154.7mb 320kbps mp3)

1 / Art Konik / Finger
2 / Alexander East / Love Letters
3 / Daniell Spencer / Deep Freak (In Me)
4 / unknown / unknown
5 / unknown / unknown
6 / Greens Keepers & Stacy Kidd / And I Am
7 / Jasper Street Company / Smile (Smile Da Deepah Dub)
8 / unknown / unknown
9 / unknown / unknown
10 / Pound Boys / Love, Peace, Harmony feat. SeVaughn
11 / unknown / What A Difference A Day Makes
12 / Interlude
13 / unknown / unknown

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