30 September 2010

Johnson Lee :: Free Form 4

Free Form 4 - 2001

(download - 59:28 - 142.8mb 320kbps mp3)

This is part 4 of the infamous Free Form series by Johnson Lee.  It features 17 songs.  He starts out with a very nice selection of house tunes.  The first couple are on the jazzy tip.  It transitions to dubbier type house.  Midway through the mix it goes into broken beat house.  Around song 10, Johnson slows it down to a jazzy lounge downtempo vibe.  Overall it is quite a good listen and I'm happy I dug it out of the District Soul archives.


  1. thanks, churby. that's a pretty good sounding file.

  2. Indeed it is, I figure the DJ has something to do with that... =)