15 September 2010

LBS :: Winter Fönk

I decided to revisit this mix by my partner in crime LBS.  He recorded it in December 2000 with his trademarked deep jazzy sound that he always provided us.   The main reason for re-posting the mix (you can find the original post here) is because I was able to put together the missing tracklist.  There are several gems on this mix.  One of my favs is the Soldiers of Twilight "Feeling So High".  There's two good mixes on the single.  Little Louie's "Life Goes On" is still a hit today.  That track blew up in NYC and spread like wildfire across the globe.  True to LBS' stylings, we get blessed with the dub version on this mix.   The hypnotic trumpet in "Trumpet Jam" by Encounters gets me every time.  I had the single in regular rotation at my gigs.  So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I encourage each one of you to listen to this mix and if you already did... do it again!  It's one not to be forgotten.

Winter Fönk - December 2000

(download mp3)

1 / Moonjaaz / World Too Mean / Deep4Life
2 / Suntrust / Reflexion / Cyclo
3 / Dennis Ferrer / NJF / Large
4 / Soldiers of Twilight / Feeling So High / What's Up
5 / Deep Sensation / Don't Stop / Guidance
6 / Common Nature / Can't You See the Sunshine Through the Rain / Guidance
7 / The Bobby Hughes Experience / Theme From Skiddo (GA's 9 Bar rmx) / Ultimate Dilemma
8 / Nu Colours / Desire / BBE
9 / The Freaks / The Rain-Version 3 / MMF
10 / Encounters / Trumpet Jam / Word & Sound
11 / Bebel Gilberto / Sem Contenção (Albert Cabrerra mix) / Ziriguiboom
12 / Scott Grooves / Organ Nights / Spiritual Life
13 / Little Louie Vega / Life Goes On feat Arnold Jarvis (Dub Goes On mix) / MAW
14 / The Rurals / So Alive / Viva

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