18 September 2010

Niv :: Evolving Soul

This mix spun by Niv Farahandouz or as all of us knew him "Niv".  Unfortunately, our brother is no longer with us, but I felt since it's been 10 years since he put this together it would be nice to revisit his amazing skills as a DJ.  When Niv originally gave me this mix, it was for me to put up on our brand new website District Soul.  We were just starting the website as a local resource for house music and the underground scene in DC.  Thanks to him and many other very talented local DJs, the site took off and became the online social resource of DC long before sites like Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, Twitter, etc.  The track selection on this mix is impecable.  The Carnaval de São Vicente by Cesária Évora song blew me away the first time I heard it.  In fact, I was in my office at the time and had to stop what I was doing just to call Niv and ask him what that track was.  Cada Vez by Negrocan was on regular rotation at Red.  This was also the era when Naked Music tracks were extremely in vogue.  Solar House's Got 2 B U was an underground hit as well.  Finally, the mix ends on one of the all classics, Love & Happiness by River Ocean featuring one of my favorite singers, India.  Here's to Niv, rest in peace my friend.

Evolving Soul - July 2000

(download - 73:57 - 177.5mb 320kbps mp3)

1 / Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham / Orixas (demo dub) / Ibadan
2 / Nova Nova / Aqua Bassino Dub / F Communications
3 / Laurent Garnier / The Man With The Red Face / F Communications
4 / Lovetronic / Jay's Afrotronic Vocal / Naked Music
5 / Inland Knights / Situations / Drop Music
6 / GU / Fly With Me (M. Grant's dub) / Guidance
7 / Don Carlos / Aquanuats / Guidance
8 / Solar House / Got 2 B U / Large
9 / Martin Solveig / Come With Me / Mixture Stereophonic
10 / Negrocan / Cada Vez / Kontor
11 / Cesária Évora / Canaval de São Vicente / Wave
12 / Afro Celt Sound System / Release / Real World
13 / To-ka Project / So-Fa So Good / Viva
14 / River Ocean feat. India / Love & Happiness / Strictly Rhythm

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  1. Big Up, Niv. RIP. Love, Gumby.