10 October 2010

Avery :: The 10-10-10 LBS Reprise

On the 10th day, of the 10th month, 10 years from the original recordings, I decided it was time to pay tribute to some amazing mixes LBS made early in his career as a DJ of house music.  The recordings themselves have been lost but I found the playlists for the mixes.  When I recorded this reprise mix, I kept all the songs in their original order.  However, there were a handful of tracks that I do not possess so they had to be omitted and a few songs may differ in the actual version LBS originally played.

The first mix by LBS was entitled "As The Smoke Clears".  It was LBS' big step onto the house scene.  This deep, hypnotic mix took DC by storm.  It quickly gained momentum and DJs and fans from cities across the U.S. quickly fell in love with his style.  Looking back on the tracks 10 years later, it's easy to see why it was so successful.  It is jam packed with classics.  When you have St. Germain, Critical Point (aka Vikter Duplaix), Phlash (aka Phil Asher), Mondo Grosso, and The DHJ Project all on one CD, it's time to press play and enjoy.

A few months later, LBS came back stronger than ever with "Cross Cultural".  He kept it super deep again on this mix.  Here you'll find big house names such as Nick Holder, Glenn Underground, Alexander East, Vikter Duplaix (who was on the first mix, too), Solar House, Atjazz, Mike Delgado, Kerri Chandler, and Larry Heard.

Only weeks later, LBS recorded "Take It Sleazy".  This mix starts off with a well known track, "Raise The Dead" by Kimbu Kimra.  Probably my favorite track off this mix is "What's Your Number" by Ian Pooley remixed by Jazzanova. Other popular artists of note on the mix are Atjazz, Greens Keepers, Miguel Migs, Kojak, Li'Sha (Lisa Shaw), and Black Science Orchestra.

The 10-10-10 LBS Reprise

(download - 1:53:51 - 144mb 176kbps mp3)

Part 1 - As The Smoke Clears
Originally Recorded - June 14, 2000
1 / Julius Papp / Control / Estereo
2 / Marcus Todd / Y2K Funk / Kool Groove
3 / Critical Point feat. Vikter Duplaix / Messages / MAW
4 / St. Germain / Rose Rouge / Blue Note
5 / Phlash / Participate feat. Marcus Beeg / Estereo
6 / Deja Vu / Soul Innuendo / Afterhours
7 / Rosalyn Evans / Come Closer / Bumpin City
8 / BRS / Shuff (60's Jazz Mix) / Cyclo
9 / Sandy Rivera & Jose Burgos / The Calling / Under The Counter
10 / Mondo Grosso / Souffles H (King Street Club Mix) / Nite Grooves
11 / The DHJ Project / Your Spirit feat. Avis Berry / Look At You

Part 2 - Cross Cultural
Originally Recorded - August 16, 2000
1 / Calm / People of the Sun and the Earth / Wave
2 / Nick Holder / Feelin' Sad Remix / DNH
3 / Glenn Underground / Operation Jaz House feat. Mike Saxon / Nite Life Collective
4 / Alexander East / Hazy Shade of Love (Deeper Sugar mix) / Afterhours
5 / James Perri / The Power / Enchante
6 / Fresh & Low / Especiale / Black Vinyl
7 / Vikter Duplaix / Manhood / Groove Attack
8 / Solar House / The Roots / Large
9 / Little Big Bee / Searchin' (AtJazz Remix) / Yellow
10 / Homecookin' / Lazy Days / Sole
11 / Nightsource / Some Love / Large
12 / Mike Delgado / Jazzmania (B.S.O. Remix) / Nuphonic
13 / Kerri Chandler / Relax Have A Spliff / Flipside
14 / Eddy & Dus / Starlite / SSOH
15 / Larry Heard / Missing You / Track Mode

Part 3 - Take It Sleazy
Originally Recorded - September 5, 2000
1 / Kimbu Kimra / Raise the Dead (Atjazz mix) / Mantis
2 / Addvibe / Feels So Good 2nite / DFR
3 / Mary J. Blige / Deep Inside (Kojak mix) / MCA
4 / Miguel Migs / Take Me to Paradise / Naked
5 / Ian Pooley / Whats Your Number (Jazzanova mix) / Nuphonic
6 / Greens Keepers & Atjazz / Video Days / Static
7 / Solar House / Got 2 B U / Large
8 / Black Science Orchestra / Sunshine / Afro Art (test)
9 / Li'sha / That's Why I'm Here / Yoshitoshi
10 / Aquanote / True Love / Naked


  1. haha awesome picture :( i don't know what to say, you "reprised" 3 of my missing mixes?! thanks joe!

  2. no prob, no prob... but why the unhappy smiley face?

  3. cause that picture of me is horrible! hahahaha!

  4. the pic can be changed if u want??!!

  5. honestly, i'm just glad i can hear the original songs again. when i remember this 3-month period it's mostly about the labels, 'Cross Cultural' is a prime example, the "sound" sums it up. bout to post up my 'Barely Audible' mixes, same shiz.

  6. Hey LBS and Avery! Man those mixes were priceless! This is DJ TreySwift! There was a joint you played where there was a woman singing "I am Electric Lady". What is that song? You guys have facebook pages? What's the info?

  7. On Facebook you can find me at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/OTBP-The-Show/150170221680668

    As for the song you are talking about, is it on this Reprise mix?

  8. Don't know but it sounds real atmospheric and the lady sings "I am Electric lady, Here to drive ya crazy, I am electric lady, you are my man" something like that

  9. I listened through and that song isnt on this reprise. Gonna go through your other stuff

  10. I'm not sure what it is... maybe hit up LBS. His blog is: http://pounds-not-ounces.blogspot.com/