16 October 2010

Johnson Lee :: Free Form 5

Part five of the Free Form series by Johnson Lee brings us this funky jazzy lounge mix.  The first few of the Free Form series were mainly house oriented but Johnson goes digging deep into his never ending vault of records on this one.  The first song I believe is a lounge remix of an old rap song.  When he first showed me the album it was from and I was pretty blown away on a what a cool job they did taking some gangster style rap songs and turning them into cool downtempo jazzy tracks.  This is definitely a cover to cover mix.  I suggest you pour yourself a nice drink, settle down in a cozy spot, sit back, relax, and enjoy.  He's going to take you for a ride.

Free Form 5 - 2001

(download - 67:32 - 154.8mb - 320kbps mp3)

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