21 October 2010

Johnson Lee :: Free Form 6

Here we find part 6 of the Free Form series by Johnson Lee.  It starts off with a sample from the old Kung Fu TV series and some groovy house.  A few tracks in it jumps around with some lounge, hip-hop, and light dnb.  A little while later, it's back to some deep house jams.  Throughout the rest of the mix it stays with house music but also keeps getting better and better.  You are left wanting more when you reach the end.

I remember when Johnson first hit me up with this edition of the Free Form series and since then this has been one of my favorites.  Maybe because I'm such a house head but I think more so it's because of his track selection, impecable mixing, and great programming.

Free Form 6 - 2001

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  1. awwww shucks, this is one of my favs also. thanks!