13 October 2010

Quantic :: Live At The Do-Over

I recently ran across this live Quantic mix on the recommendation of my buddy DJ Stylus - The Vibe Conductor.  Quantic is one of my favorite producers & DJs.  His style and skills are of the charts.  Rather than me give you my take on this amazing mix, I'll quote DJ Stylus.

"DUMBING OUT on the selections. Download this and thank me later… I need more spaces where I can be this daring with programming a set. Fearless! Sin miedo!!"

The party was part of the infamous Do-Over series in Los Angeles.  It was originally posted here on the Do-Over blog.

Quantic :: Live At The Do-Over - Sep. 16, 2010

(download - 68mb - 74:14 - 128kbps mp3)

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1 comment:

  1. Thank you!!!!!!
    I 'member thinking... "I can't missed this!!"
    Sure 'nuff, I missed it.