07 November 2010

Saeed & Palash :: Chamber Of Sound (Side A)

Here's a blast from the past mix that I ran across when dusting off my old mixtapes.  It was recorded December 1993 by Saeed & Palash.  I'm not quite sure who mixed each side.  However, it's jam packed with great tunes from the time.  This tape is especially memorable for me.  I believe I got it from LBS, who got it from our friend Nam L.  That's the way it went back then.  We had copies of copies and with each copy the hiss was even stronger.  I tried cleaning up this recording in the studio.  Anyhow, back in 1994 I had my first radio show at St. Mary's College.  I used to play tracks from this mixtape on almost every show.  It was quite interesting trying to mix from a mixtape to CD to vinyl and back again all on a radio studio mixerboard.  Incidentally, I don't know what the original name of the mix but what I had heard was Saeed and Palash had a residency of sorts at an old underground club in DC called the Chamber of Sound (925 5th St. NW).

As for the tracks, I did the best I could from memory.  Feel free to comment on any missing info for artists and track names.  Rather than me run through all the anthem tracks on this mix, I'll just say that if you were going out to the club scene in 93/94, you would have been rocking to these songs over and over.  Ahh... the memories.

Chamber Of Sound (Side A) - December 1993

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01. Jam & Spoon | Stella
02. The Goodmen | Land Of Haze
03. Jam & Spoon | Stella
04. Jaydee | Plastic Dreams
05. Smooth Touch | House Of Love
06. Wildchild | Jump To My Beat
07. Gabrielle | Dreams
08. ?? | Give You Love
09. ?? | ??
10. Robert Owens | I'll Be Your Friend (Def Instrumental)
11. House Of Gypsies | Samba
12. ?? | Follow Me
13. Underground Goodies | Lonely
14. ?? | ??

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