25 December 2010

Avery :: Don't Stop The Love

I recently uncovered this mix in my collection of mixes.  The first half of it is all disco tracks that I started adding to my vinyl 10 years ago.  I got on a kick of trying to find some of the old classics that I recognized but didn't know who actually made the record.  The first track is a classic by Class Action.  The next seven tracks jump around from the years of 73-80.  The mix then jumps into some deep house while keeping a little of the disco intro that started the mix.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Don't Stop The Love - June 02, 2001

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01_ Class Action | Weekend
02_ B.T. Express | Express
03_ Glen Adams Affair | Just A Groove
04_ ??
05_ Loose Joints | Is It All Over My Face?
06_ Billy Brooks | Fourty Days
07_ Herbie Hancock | Chameleon
08_ Moodymann | J.A.N.
09_ The Phonkticians | I Am Me
10_ Mr. Egg Germ | Intuit (Stay Kidd's The What Dub)
11_ Kemetic Just | See The Light
12_ Rhythmcentric | New School Fusion (Part 1)
13_ Rhythmcentric | New School Fusion (Part 2)
14_ Stacy Kidd | He's The One feat. Tracy Hamlin
15_ ??
16_ ??
17_ Soul Providers | Try My Love (T-Kolai Andalu Mix)

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