06 December 2010

Avery :: Spiral Effect

I recorded this mix back in 2002.  It's a montage of deep and tracky house that sort of meanders all over the place.  The mix opens up with The Club Track by Trackheads.  I particularly like the vocals the guy has because it really sums up how I'd see most people moving from club to club trying to find out where the fun or action was.  Later on in the mix is an original track I wrote called What I See.  The horns on The Beaujolais Files by Afronaught are unmistakable and always get me moving.  Track number nine is by the Banji Boys but not to be confused with the other Banji Boys (Armand Van Helden).  Of course there's a couple obligatory Moodmann tracks... His tracks always seem to find their way into my mixes.  Finally,  the mix ends with an Afrobeat track from the 70s and Gwen Guthrie's Seventh Heaven track from the 80s.

Spiral Effect - 2002

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01_ Trackheads | The Club Track
02_ ??
03_ ??
04_ John Ciafone | Everyday
05_ Avery | What I See
06_ Induceve | Monolevel
07_ Afronaught | The Beaujolais Files
08_ Do It Interlude
09_ Banji Boys | Keep On Movin' 2002
10_ Mike Grant | Baby Wants to Ride
11_ Marques Wyatt | For Those Like To Get Down
12_ Moodymann | The Third Track
13_ ??
14_ Intruder | You Got Me
15_ Moodymann | ??
16_ Shina Williams and His African Percussionists | Agboju Logun
17_ Gwen Guthrie | Seventh Heaven

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