20 January 2011

Osunlade :: Berlin's Calling

Here's a recent mix by the somewhat enigmatic Osunlade.  I'd have to say that it's about as deep as the Atlantic Rift!  I'm not familiar with a few of the artists on the mix but all the better...now I, along with you, am expanding my musical horizons!  Overall, this mix is definitely more on the cerebral tip and would be an ace for good road trip.

Berlin's Calling - December 2010

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01. Isolee | Celeste
02. Ofak | On Our Way
04. Frankie Valentine | Zumbi (Isoul8 Remix)
05. Future Licks | Never Never (Christo Remix)
06. Smallpeople | Meadows
07. Zac Cimi | Jaguar Sun
08. John Roberts | Hesitate
09. Brandy | Ritual (Atjazz Deep Order Re-Edit)
10. Marcelus | Utopia
11. Stimming | Change
12. No Regular Play | Serious Heat
13. Ron Trent | Open Road

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