23 March 2011

Avery & Johnson Lee :: A Little Bit Higher (live on 4 turntables)

It's been 11 years to the month since this infamous 4 turntable live mix.  I thought it was definitely due for a repost or in DJ style a re-rewind...In fact there's history behind this recording from March of 2000. This mix was the very first collaboration between Avery & Johnson. After realizing what great musical chemistry they had between them, they soon formed a partnership which you now know as District Soul. So to say it was an important mix in lives of both us would be an understatement.

The playlist below is a little more complicated than a typical one. What we did was represent what songs were being played during each track of the original CD that we distributed. Obviously since this is a continuous audio file format you won't have the advantage of using track numbers but it should be good enough as a general guide.

A Little Bit Higher :: March 2000

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1. The Songtress - Seeline Woman
Feel the Beat (accapella)
Ricard F Good Love (accapella)
Bye-e-ya (accapella)

2. Lil' Louis - Clap Your Hands
Johnny Corporate - Sunday Shoutin'

3. Johnny Corporate - Sunday Shoutin'
Feel the Beat (accapella)
A Man Called Adam - America

4. A Man Called Adam - America
Johnny Corporate - Sunday Shoutin'
Oscar G - Movin On
D-d-d-da (accapella)

5. Oscar G - Movin On
Roger Sanchez - I Never Knew

6. Abstract Truth - We Had a Thing
Roger Sanchez - I Never Knew
D-d-d-do (accapella)

7. The Deep - Dom Dom Jump
D-d-d-do (accapella)
Gene Farris - Summer Affair

8. Summerland - Soulmate
Gene Farris - Summer Affair
The Rurals - Corker

9. The Rurals - Corker
Summerland - Soulmate
Sunship - In the Pocket
Jess & Crabbe. Big Booya
Mike 303 - Things Never Change

10. Mike 303 - Things Never Change
Joss & Crabbe - Big Booya
Powder Productions - El Loco
Armand Van Helden - Break The 80's

11. Lenny Fontana & DJ Shorty - Chocolate Sensation
Armand Van Helden - Break The 80's

12. Powder Productions - EI Loco
Lenny Fontana & DJ Shorty - Chocolate Sensation
Armand Van Heiden - Break The 80's
Move Your Body - (accapella)

13. Kings of Tomorrow - Fade to Black
Move Your Body - (accapella)
Derrick Carter - Get Up Everybody
Tim Deluxe - I Know

14. Derrick Carter - Get Up Everybody
Southern Comfort - Let's Go Disco
Daft Punk - Burnin'

15. Tim Deluxe - I Know
Daft Punk - Burnin'
Southern Comfort - Let's Go Disco

16. Sounds of Blackness - The Pressure
Vernessa Mitchell - Higher
Southern Comfort - Let's Go Disco
Bucketbootlegs - Five-Oh Fantasy

22 March 2011

LBS :: MAW Tribute (2001)

I definitely want to give some love to this recent post from LBS at pounds-not-ounces:
I think every DJ who is into the "MAW" sound has attempted to do a tribute mix at some point in their life. With the amount of selections to choose from, and the variations of style within those selections, the mix will be filled with quality music no matter what...and even then, you've only touched the tip of the iceberg.
I'm happy I did this in 2001 though, it was right after their switch into the "Elements Of Life" direction and therefore, an end to that driving sound that made them famous in the 1990's. Their hypnotic 5AM-esque dubby production style is a thing of the past, I guess everyone has to mellow out sooner or later...
Masters At Work Tribute :: 2001

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01. Masters At Work feat. India | I Can't Get No Sleep (Her Fantasy Mix)
02. Masters At Work feat. India | I Can't Get No Sleep (MK Dub)
03. Hardrive | Deep Inside (The Dub)
04. Lou2 | Freaky (The "Bar Heads" Mix)
05. Hardrive | No Cure
06. Masters At Work feat. India | La India Con La Voe (Viva Puerto Rico) (MAW Tribin')
07. Kenlou | What A Sensation (Sensational Mix)
08. Barbara Tucker | I Get Lifted (The Bar Dub)
09. Masters At Work | To Be In Love (MAW Dub)
10. Nuyorican Soul feat. India | Runaway (Spanish Underground Mix)
11. Nuyorican Soul feat. India | Runaway (Mongoloids In Space)
12. Gypsymen | Babarabatiri (Tee's Latin Mix)
13. "Little" Louie Vega feat. Arnold Jarvis | Life Goes On (Dance Ritual Mix)
14. Kenny Bobien | Rise Above The Storm (Vocal)
15. Mondo Grosso | Vibe PM (Masters At Work Remix)

18 March 2011

Johnson Lee :: Free Form 27.3

Like I was mention in a previous post, I have no idea what's with the decimal number system when it comes to the Free Form series.  What I do know is that the number 2, 3, and 7 are quite significant to Mr. Lee so you figure it out from there.  I was quite happy when he dropped this mix in my hands a couple years ago.  It had been quite some time since I heard him rock out his patented house style.  When I listen to this mix, it reminds me of when I first started DJing with Johnson back in 2000.  It's got that uptempo energy that makes you just want to be on that dark dance floor with lights strobing on and off as you dance 'til the wee hours of the morning.  Two thumbs up for Johnson on this one.

Free Form 27.3 :: 2009

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Johnson Lee :: Free Form 24 "A Weekend With Gus"

It's about that time for OTBP to drop the next Free Form jewel.  'A Weekend With Gus' has to mean that you are in store for non-stop audible bliss.  Gus is definitely a DC legend and to have a mix involving Gus guarantees a real experience.  (I know that doesn't help many of you out there that don't know the legend of Gus but you'll have to trust me on this one.)  I just got done listening to this mix for the first time in about 5 years.  Have to say that I was blown away.  I really wish I had the track titles so I could give my take on the journey blow by blow...but alas it's a Free Form mix and that means the playlist is all in the mind of the listener.  What I can tell you is that there's some serious sampling, djing, and a vibe that brings you through a cloud of jazz, lounge, experimental, and who knows what I should call it.  Download it now.

Free Form 24 :: 2005

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13 March 2011

OTBP Vol. 005 "The Lost Abuja Mix"

For those of you keeping track out there in the blogosphere and who are down right detail oriented, you may have noticed that there was never a "Volume 5" of OTBP released.  After some digging through the archives from the studios in Abuja, Nigeria, I finally located the very first mix intended for OTBP.  It was originally recorded January 20th, 2008 but I'm bringing it to you now as the missing OTBP mix.

Across the two plus hours of this show, you ride a wave of deep, garage, and broken beat house music.  The songs are mainly from the beginning of the decade of the 2000s.  So with that... I guess the message is that "Volume 5" is better late than never.

OTBP Vol. 005 "The Lost Abuja Mix"

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01.  Mike Dixon | Love Is...
02.  The Magi | My Heart Skips
03.  Miss Me | Surprise Me (Frantz Kromer dub)
04.  Norma Jean Bell | Dreams
05.  Pound Boys vs. Martello Bros. | Jack It Up (Johnny Corporate Dub)
06.  Erro | Change For Me (Freestyle Remix)
07.  Zap Mama | Nostalgie Amoureuse
08.  Monday Michiru | Higher (dub)
09.  James Perri | Power
10.  The Rurals | I'm Lost
11.  Mr. V | This Is The Way We Dance
12.  Natural Rhythm | Go Chica Go
13.  No Assembly Firm | Rebels With A Cause
14.  Mr. Scruff & Swell Sessions | No No
15.  Moodymann | The Thief That Stole My Bad Days
16.  The Rurals | Lush (95 North TLC Mix)
17.  Martin Solveig & Stephy Haïk | Cabo Parano
18.  Ulysses | But I'm Trying (Club Mix)
19.  Michelle Shaprow | If I Lost You (Scuba Mix)
20.  Global Soul | Look Into Yourself (Seiji Remix)
21.  Steppah Huntah | Walk This Step (Seiji's Black Forest Gateaux)
22.  Da Lata | Serious (Seiji Vocal)
23.  Jazzanova | Boom Clicky Boom Clack (Mr. Scruff Vocal Mix)
24.  Soulstance | En Route
25.  The Saint | Another Day
26.  Brian Harden | Is It All From My Baby
27.  Corel Chiefs | Release Me
28.  Gemini | Where Do I Go
29.  Akufen | **unkown**
30.  Brian Jones - Chicago Jack
31.  Timmy Vegas | Call My Name (Knee Deep Dub)
32.  No Assembly Firm | Influence In Numbers
33.  No Assembly Required | All Jacked Up
34.  Stephanie Cooke | Everything (95 North Mix)

12 March 2011

Johnson Lee :: Free Form 23.7 "Live At 18th Street Lounge"

This edition of the Free Form series is a very special one indeed.  On March 3rd, 2005 Johnson spun live at the famous 18th Street Lounge in DC.  As far as I know, this is the only live set captured in the Free Form series.  It's been a while since I last listened to this fabulous mix of lounge and downtempo music.  From beginning to end, it's the type of music that you could just imagine a dimly lit, smokey lounge with people chillin' out with their heads nodding.  Unfortunately for me, I wasn't in the U.S. when he played live.  So now you can go back in time via OTBP to recapture the fun.

Free Form 23.7 :: March 3, 2005

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LBS :: Sacriforced 1 & 2

Good news everyone, LBS has posted another one of his mixes from some years back.  Here's what he wrote:

Back in 2005 there was this guy named Fitsum who was a great photographer, designer, and all around interesting guy to have a beer with (I don't know why I'm talking of him in the past tense cause he's still alive)... We shared thoughts on music, shots of GM, and whatever we felt like spilling out of our brains whenever we ran into each other.

At the time he was kinda throwing some parties at some local dives in DC and had put together a mini-website dedicated to music not of the norm and asked me to do a couple of mini-mixes for him. Here are both of them merged into one mix, each was originally 20 minutes or so, and running the spectrum of headphone nodders (Platinum Pied Pipers, Roy Ayers, MF Doom, Massive Attack, Rah Digga, Marvin Gaye, Junior Murvin, Edan, Brand New Heavies, Moodymann, etc.). Not alot of mixing involved here, just some good driving and pre-game music...

The website is still up if you wanan check it out, and has a bunch of other mixes from DC djs that were hanging/mixing back in those days...good stuff for sure.

Sacriforced 1 & 2 :: 2005

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Ivan G :: Beats and Spirits

What can I say but that I'm very excited to have the latest mix from DC legend Ivan G.  He left DC some years back and is doing his thing in sunny San Diego.  You can catch him at several local venues there.  If you are looking for more of his recent work, please check his Soundcloud page.  I can attest that Ivan is one of the unsung heroes of the DC scene.  Back when I first started going out to parties and clubs in the early 90s, Ivan was always playing somewhere.  I remember him back in the days of his big afro and him bouncing up and down behind the decks as he dropped jam after jam.  I'm very happy to see him still spreading the love through his music.

Unfortunately, I do not have a playlist for this beauty but don't fret because you can take my word that if you are yearning for some solid beats and no joke house, this is it.

Beats and Spirits :: February 2011

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09 March 2011

OTBP Vol. 011 "Break Into The Past"

This is a very special edition of OTBP.  It is not for the faint of heart nor those looking for some smooth house grooves or laid back lounge music.  This episode I focus on that which we call "Breaks, Breakbeat, Funky Breaks, etc."  The majority of these tracks were released between 1989-1995.  These were the tunes driving the underground rave scene across the United States and Britain.  You would hear DJs such as DJ Dan, Scott Henry, John Debo, DJ Icee, & DJ Spun rocking these tunes.  In roughly an hour and half, I've run through 30+ of the tracks that were prevalent during this era.  Because of this, I don't really think I can highlight the big tracks since all of these were pretty much hits in the scene.  So again, if you are ready to take a trip in the "Way Back Machine", download, sit back relax, press play, and enjoy.  If breakbeat ain't your thing, then it's best that you wait for the next edition of OTBP...but why not take a chance and expand your horizons??!!

OTBP Vol. 011 "Break Into The Past"

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01.  Badboe | Loose Your Funky Self
02.  Franky Bones | At My House
03.  V.I.M. | Maggie's Last Party
04.  Nation 12 | Listen To The Drummer
05.  Bad Boy Orchestra | Hip Hop Salsa (dub)
06.  Faithhealer | Wicked Vibes
07.  Cheeky Boy | Once In A Plastic Time
08.  SL2 | On A Ragga Tip
09.  SL2 | Way In My Brain (remix)
10.  Kaotic Chemistry | Space Cakes
11.  Kaotic Chemistry | Illegal Subs
12.  Krome & Time | This Sound Is For The Underground (E.5 Remix)
13.  The Prodigy | Out Of Space
14.  Acen | Trip II The Moon Part 2
15.  DJ Seduction | Live Together (SL2 Remix)
16.  Ellis Dee | Nice Up Your Scene
17.  Origin Unknown | Valley Of The Shadows (31 Seconds)
18.  DJ Ruffneck | Biznizz (Midifusion Mix)
19.  Bassbin Twins | EP1 Untitled A1
20.  Awesome 3 | Don't Go (Kicks Like A Mule Mix)
21.  Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era | Far Out
22.  DJ Rap | Divine Rhythm
23.  Anoesis | Heavy Water
24.  D.O.P. | Electronic Funk
25.  John Debo | Uh-Yeah (Debo's Culture Mix)
26.  Bassbin Twins | A1 Love Is A Superstar (Extended Mix)
27.  Da Juice | C'mon C'mon
28.  BBR Streetgang | Sex You Down (Mike Wertheim Remix)
29.  Blapps Posse | Bus'It (Time To Get Busy)
30.  The Break Boys | My House Is Your House
31.  N-Joi | Phoenix (Remix)
32.  Rhythm Warfare | Two Notches (Warfare Mix)
33.  Central Fire | Central Fire (Remix)
34.  DJ Icee | Bonus Love

Johnson Lee :: Free Form 14

It's time for another Free Form jewel.  Edition 14 brings Johnson's infamous house sound back to the fray but intermixed with jazz, drum and bass, lounge, and funky breaks, too.  While it's only 48 minutes long, he gives you a glimpse into one of his authentic 4 hour live sets.  It's another keeper indeed.

Free Form 14 - 2003

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01 March 2011

Johnson Lee :: Free Form 13.2

This mix is where Johnson starts his decimal numbering system for his Free Form series that I've never understood to this day.  That aside, it's another eclectic gem indeed.  It starts off with Depeche Mode, transitions to some Bossa Nova, next moves on to Sting, and what do you know, it's into some funk flavor.  That introduction alone shows you how the mix just keeps you your toes from beginning to end.

Free Form 13.2 - 2003

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