12 March 2011

Ivan G :: Beats and Spirits

What can I say but that I'm very excited to have the latest mix from DC legend Ivan G.  He left DC some years back and is doing his thing in sunny San Diego.  You can catch him at several local venues there.  If you are looking for more of his recent work, please check his Soundcloud page.  I can attest that Ivan is one of the unsung heroes of the DC scene.  Back when I first started going out to parties and clubs in the early 90s, Ivan was always playing somewhere.  I remember him back in the days of his big afro and him bouncing up and down behind the decks as he dropped jam after jam.  I'm very happy to see him still spreading the love through his music.

Unfortunately, I do not have a playlist for this beauty but don't fret because you can take my word that if you are yearning for some solid beats and no joke house, this is it.

Beats and Spirits :: February 2011

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