09 March 2011

OTBP Vol. 011 "Break Into The Past"

This is a very special edition of OTBP.  It is not for the faint of heart nor those looking for some smooth house grooves or laid back lounge music.  This episode I focus on that which we call "Breaks, Breakbeat, Funky Breaks, etc."  The majority of these tracks were released between 1989-1995.  These were the tunes driving the underground rave scene across the United States and Britain.  You would hear DJs such as DJ Dan, Scott Henry, John Debo, DJ Icee, & DJ Spun rocking these tunes.  In roughly an hour and half, I've run through 30+ of the tracks that were prevalent during this era.  Because of this, I don't really think I can highlight the big tracks since all of these were pretty much hits in the scene.  So again, if you are ready to take a trip in the "Way Back Machine", download, sit back relax, press play, and enjoy.  If breakbeat ain't your thing, then it's best that you wait for the next edition of OTBP...but why not take a chance and expand your horizons??!!

OTBP Vol. 011 "Break Into The Past"

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01.  Badboe | Loose Your Funky Self
02.  Franky Bones | At My House
03.  V.I.M. | Maggie's Last Party
04.  Nation 12 | Listen To The Drummer
05.  Bad Boy Orchestra | Hip Hop Salsa (dub)
06.  Faithhealer | Wicked Vibes
07.  Cheeky Boy | Once In A Plastic Time
08.  SL2 | On A Ragga Tip
09.  SL2 | Way In My Brain (remix)
10.  Kaotic Chemistry | Space Cakes
11.  Kaotic Chemistry | Illegal Subs
12.  Krome & Time | This Sound Is For The Underground (E.5 Remix)
13.  The Prodigy | Out Of Space
14.  Acen | Trip II The Moon Part 2
15.  DJ Seduction | Live Together (SL2 Remix)
16.  Ellis Dee | Nice Up Your Scene
17.  Origin Unknown | Valley Of The Shadows (31 Seconds)
18.  DJ Ruffneck | Biznizz (Midifusion Mix)
19.  Bassbin Twins | EP1 Untitled A1
20.  Awesome 3 | Don't Go (Kicks Like A Mule Mix)
21.  Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era | Far Out
22.  DJ Rap | Divine Rhythm
23.  Anoesis | Heavy Water
24.  D.O.P. | Electronic Funk
25.  John Debo | Uh-Yeah (Debo's Culture Mix)
26.  Bassbin Twins | A1 Love Is A Superstar (Extended Mix)
27.  Da Juice | C'mon C'mon
28.  BBR Streetgang | Sex You Down (Mike Wertheim Remix)
29.  Blapps Posse | Bus'It (Time To Get Busy)
30.  The Break Boys | My House Is Your House
31.  N-Joi | Phoenix (Remix)
32.  Rhythm Warfare | Two Notches (Warfare Mix)
33.  Central Fire | Central Fire (Remix)
34.  DJ Icee | Bonus Love

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  1. Wow masterpiece!Just listen to this all the way and it's going to be a gem in my mixtape collection,thanks man for sharing.