17 March 2014

DJ Happy 1994 Mix (Side A)

Hands down, this has to be one of the most influential mixtapes I ever had.  It's by a "DJ Happy", who I never heard of at the time and never heard of again.  However, the songs and the mixing on this recording are impeccable.  There are many classics and I spent hours digging in the crates to amass the vast majority of these songs.  If you ever wanted to take a peek into what inspired me as a young DJ, this is it.

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1_ ???_ Now Is The Time
2_ Shock Wave_  The Mental Track
3_ Lectroluv_  Dream Drums
4_ Joe T Vannelli_  Play With The Voice feat. Csilla
5_ River Ocean_  Love & Happiness
6_ Mr. Roy_  Something About You
7_ The African Dream_  All In The Same Family
Unknown Accapella (never forget)
8_ ???_ ???
9_ Bizarre Inc_  Took My Love (MK What Up Dub)
10_ Pleasure Dome_  12 Minutes To Do It
11_ DJ Duke_  Blow Your Whistle
12_ ??? - ???
13_ Inner City_  Good Life

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