17 March 2014

DJ Happy 1994 Mix (Side B)

This is side b to one of the best mixtapes I've ever owned.  Enjoy.

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1_ Earth People_  Dance
2_ Xpansions_  Move Your Body (Elevation)
3_ River Ocean_  Love & Happiness (Junior Boys Own Super Dub)
4_ Nu Yorican Soul_  The Nervous Track
5_ Afrodesiac_  Life In A Day
6_ A Man Called Adam_  Techno Powers
7_ M People_  Movin' On Up (MK Like a Man Dub)
8_ Barbara Tucker_  Beautiful People (C.J.'s Dub)
9_ Banji Boys_  Love Thang
10_ Intruder_  U Got Me
11_ Longsy D_  This Is Ska
12_ The Epitome of Hype_  Let The Freak
13_ M People_  Movin' On Up (Roger's Hardubb)

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